Why Choose BASCA Over Authorised Service Centres or Local Mechanic?


Every car requires maintenance and repair works which are indeed inevitable. For that situation when and if it arises a car owner has two options available, either go to the authorised service centre or contact a local mechanic. Both the options (authorised service centre and local mechanic) lack one thing or another, which leads to an unsatisfactory overall customer experience, doesn’t matter which one you choose.

We all as car owners may have diverse opinions about many things ranging from the best oil for our cars to the best mileage. However, if there is one thing, what all of us can agree upon is that cars are more than just vehicles, they are like a trusted companion. The thought of leaving your companion a.k.a your luxury car at a service centre or in the hands of a local garage mechanic unattended could be unsettling.



Limitations of Authorised Service Centres

People prefer authorised car service centres till their luxury cars are in the warranty period but the warranties don’t last forever. These would prove out to be an expensive choice for luxury cars as soon as the warranty ends. At an authorised car service centre, something menial, like fixing a dent or replacing the oil can cost you heaps.

Moreover, the authorised service centres follow the ‘replacement over repairs’ approach which simply means you may end up paying extra for a service that could have been fixed with some minor repair work.
For example – dead car batteries are very common, but it is fixable but many authorised service centres would opt for an option of replacement which seems to be unnecessary.

Besides the cost factor, a majority of authorised service centres for luxury cars are not conveniently accessible. You would require a dedicated chunk of your time to drive down to the service centre to get your luxury car repaired.


Limitations of Local Mechanics

The other possible option is to go to a local mechanic. They have less expertise and hands-on experience in dealing with luxury cars compared to an authorised service centre. They may miss out on the root cause of the problem which an expert could spot & fix right away.

Due to a lack of resources, one of the most common mistake a local mechanic makes is that a repainted patch doesn’t match with the original paint of the luxury car while repainting it. Although local mechanics are conveniently accessible, there is one in every neighbourhood. However, it is an extremely risky option to choose since the mechanic might mislead you by using fake & substandard parts or tools.

Over the years, luxury car owners have been stuck in this dilemma of choosing between authorised service centres and local mechanics.
Now, multi-brand workshops like BASCA Motor Works, have entered the automotive arena as a boon for luxury car owners.


Why is BASCA Motor Works the Best Choice?

BASCA emerges as the best choice for it straddles the middle ground between the expertise of authorised service centres and the affordability of local mechanics.

Our team of certified professionals are keen on building trustworthy connections with the customers who own luxury cars. Our workshop is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and the latest calibrated equipment.

We, at BASCA, pride ourselves on the quality of workmanship, the quality of spare parts we use for luxury cars and the customer experience we offer. Our seamless and transparent scale of operation has assisted us to build trust with our customers.

Head over to our Workshop or Contact us virtually to know more!

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