Body Shop Repairs


Quality Body Shop Repairs

Vehicle body repairs are not as simple as filling the dent with body filler and applying paint. Any road side mechanic can perform that but this is not a long lasting repair and eventually there will be problems.

For proper repairs we have to work the dent from the outer most edges to the center making sure that as little body filler is applied as possible. This is a tedious and a time consuming task, even a minor dent can take up to 8 hours for the panel to be ready for installation in the car.

The panel needs to be removed from the vehicle, then using proper tools the panel has to be beaten back to as close as possible to the original shape. If the panel is not removable then there are special tools that can used to pull the dent out, these special tools require substantial amount of prep work before they can be used.

After the repair part is completed we move on to the paint preparation.

For proper finishing of the painted panel we start with the very basic which is the preparing the whole panel , we don’t just paint the damaged area even if there is a minor scratch the whole panel has to undergo the prep work for paint and therefore the whole panel gets painted to get a brand new finish.

The process requires a lot of dry and wet sanding after every layer of substance. These layers comprise of primer 2 layers, paint 3 layers and clear coat 2 layers.

The finished product is as good as the manufacturer; in fact you can’t differentiate between the 2